Code of conduct policy

Code of Ethics & Compliance

This policy and all related policies and procedures sets the standards for ethical business conduct and the compliance requirements of all employees and others working with and/or for Familiar Roads Home Healthcare Agency, Inc. (Familiar Roads).

Familiar Roads Home Health Care we have a tradition of excellence that is validated by our past company successes and our faithful and satisfied customers. We know the biggest reason for this has been the uncompromising efforts of our employees to serve our patients while also serving the company and the larger community. Our employees have done this successfully by following our core ethical values and being compliant with all of the laws, regulations and policies associated with their jobs. This has created the ethical culture that exists today.

To maintain and improve this ethical and compliant culture, the following general ethics and compliance policy is being reviewed with each employee and made available to any third parties where it may be applicable. As always, Familiar Roads Home Healthcare has the highest expectation that each of its employees will observe the highest standards of ethics and compliance in their conduct

Besides the training being provide on this ‘General Ethics and Compliance Policy’, additional training is available through both online and face to face means to further acquaint you with Familiar Roads Home Health Care commitment to be a most ethical and compliant workplace

A comprehensive Familiar Roads Home Healthcare Code of Ethics and Compliance is available, which will give additional guidance to employees in the areas of ethics and compliance. This policy, the policies in the current Employee Handbook, and all other applicable laws, regulations and other policies must be consulted and adhered to as applicable.


It is the policy of Familiar Roads Home Healthcare to provide its services in compliance with all state and federal laws governing all of its operations and to conduct its business using the highest ethical standards of business and professional ethics. Familiar Roads Home Healthcare will further accomplish this by following all related company policies and living its corporate values of:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Respect for Human Dignity

We commit to be truthful and forthright in all aspects of our relations with our patients, their families, and our employees. We will do our very best to keep our promises and to meet the individual needs of our patients, their families, and our employees. We will strive to have clear and open communication and to make every effort to meet and exceed expectations. We vow to always treat others with respect and dignity in all aspects of our care.

Familiar Roads Home Health Care is most seriously and passionately committed to this policy that demonstrates our commitment to:

  • Our patients and their families
  • Our employees
  • Those we do business with, including government agencies
  • The communities in which we work

In performing Familiar Roads Home Healthcare business, integrity must underline all company relationships, including those with patients, suppliers, our communities and among employees. In the performance of their duties, the highest standards of ethical business conduct and compliance are required of each employee. Employees must not engage in conduct that may be perceived as unethical, that could raise questions regarding Familiar Roads Home Healthcare work practices, that could cause embarrassment, or that could negatively affect Familiar Roads Home Healthcare reputation.

High Level Responsibilities:

To provide assurance that Familiar Roads Home Healthcare ethics and compliance policies are consistently applied, a high-level manager has been appointed as the company’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, (CECO). The CECO is charged with reviewing Familiar Roads Home Healthcare general and specific ethics and compliance policies as well as specific situations or issues that arise from time to time.

‘SPEAKING UP’ is expected. If you have any concerns about business issues where there is a question of ethics and/or compliance, you are obligated to ‘speak up’, first voicing your concern to your supervisor or manager for his/her response.

However, if for any reason your supervisor or manager is not available, or maybe your manager is part of the issue, you may want to take your concern to an area of the business where there is a management ‘expert’ who can help you resolve your specific issue, i.e., a finance question to the finance manager, an employee relation’s issue to the Human Resources manager, and so on. You may also always report your concern to the CECO. The key here is to make sure your concern is reported to ‘someone in authority’ who can help to resolve the issue. *For nurses and other healthcare professionals working in the field, your direct supervisor is the one listed on your job description that you signed at hire-on.

Familiar Roads Home Healthcare Agency, Inc.
880 Town Center Drive
Suite 884A
Langhorne PA 19047
c/o Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Familiar Roads Home Healthcare will professionally investigate all reported concerns relating to ethics and compliance, and findings will be responded to appropriately.


When reporting a concern, know that you will always be treated with dignity and respect, and Familiar Roads Home Healthcare does not allow retaliation against anyone who reports an issue in good faith, even if that issue does not turn out to be a valid one. All forms of retaliation reported will be vigorously investigated and appropriate follow-up action will be taken.


All communications dealing with ethics and compliance concerns are considered strictly confidential and are only to be shared or discussed with others on a need-to-know basis. Once reported to someone in authority as an ethics and/or compliance matter, each employee has a responsibility to hold their concern confidential.


When and if a violation to this policy or any legal law, regulation, or other company policy is found, Familiar Roads Home Healthcare will review the situation in light of a thorough review of the facts of the investigation and promptly proceed to take appropriate action that may include any level of discipline, or ‘sanction’, from a reprimand to termination. Any sanctions taken against an employee for violating an ethics or compliance rule must be reviewed by Human Resources Management which will serve to assure consistency and fairness in any corrective actions taken. Violations of law may also be followed up by civil and/or criminal authorities.

Manager Responsibilities:

As a manager at Familiar Roads Home Healthcare, you are responsible for supporting the implementation of the company’s ethics policy that includes: leading by example, promoting ethics and compliance training, maintaining an open and honest work environment where employees feel comfortable and free to raise issues or concerns, compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies, monitoring Familiar Roads Home Healthcare compliance with its corporate values and ethics and compliance policies, taking all concerns raised seriously while following them up appropriately (This may include working with the CECO), and holding matters confidential on a strictly needs to know basis when issues are raised.

* Retaliation by you against anyone who raises an ethics or compliance concern will not be tolerated.

Employee Responsibilities:

As an employee of Familiar Roads Home Healthcare, you are responsible for: timely attendance and participation in any ethics and compliance training that is made a requirement to you by your supervisor, complying with all applicable laws, regulations and policies applicable to your job, compliance with the company’s corporate values and ethics and compliance policies, and ‘speaking up’ when an ethics or compliance concern is found or reported to you.