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Process Overview

You’ve worked hard to build a wonderful life for yourself and your family. Now you need a little help, but you have no intentions of life being any less extraordinary. We want your experience with us to be just as remarkable. To make sure it is, we developed a unique five-step approach to care. At each step, our focus is on you. From learning about your wishes and answering your questions to creating a care plan just for you and matching you with the right caregiver, you are our number one priority. And it doesn’t stop there—we’ll be right there with you throughout the care process giving you and your family the support you need. from start to finish. After all, you’ve worked hard to get here. Let us take the heavy lifting from here.

Put simply, our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. Of course, we recognize that everyone’s idea of “quality of life” is different, which is why it’s so important to us to make you an active part of your own care plan. We want you to be in the driver’s seat regardless of any limitations or challenges you’re facing.

Most of all, we believe aging isn’t just about staying healthy, safe and independent. It’s also about living well.

When planning for care for a loved one, it can often be difficult, stressful and confusing to understand the type of care that’s truly needed. Establishing when, where and who will be providing care can be equally challenging. It doesn’t have to be.

Familiar Roads Home Health  now makes it easier for families to truly understand the care needs of their loved ones. We are the only homecare agency offering a revolutionary new way to approach senior care with our exclusive L.I.F.E Profile (Life, Independence, Function, Evaluation) Assessment. Our L.I.F.E Profile is a data-driven assessment tool that provides a holistic view of the risks and factors that influence a loved one’s ability to age in their own home. 

Based on More Than 15 Years of Research

Familiar Roads Home Health L.I.F.E Profile has been designed to:

  • Improve overall quality of life, while  reducing readmission hospitalization and risk Support for successful aging at home coupled with our  Comprehensive Approach to Care.  This comprehensive, proprietary assessment reviews the five key factors that are most important for successful aging:
  • Safety 
  • Independence Medical Condition Management 
  • Burden of Care 
  • Quality of Life 

Better Assessment :

Better Assessment is  using this data collected which are the most commons causes of hospitalization, our  L.I.F.E Profile assessment analyzes hundreds of data points to provide a clear picture of: 

  • Daily tasks your loved one can do reliably and safely on their own. 
  • Activities that need regular monitoring and close supervision. 
  • Essential care tasks that require crucial support and assistance. You can’t think of everything, but our L.I.F.E Profile can. 

Assessment Areas:

In addition to assessing quality of life issues and medical condition management in unique ways, we also measure and score the likelihood of your loved one’s  having an unsafe occurrence by assessing and identifying how to address statistically significant safety risks. 

Combined with our proven in-home care programs and trained caregivers, Familiar Roads Home healthcare  and L.I.F.E Profile is leading the way to better outcomes for our clients. 

Better Care Plan:

Familiar Roads Home Healthcare uses the data and information gathered through the L.I.F.E Profile to create a customized care plan. This is an actionable and measurable plan of care that is specifically tailored to your loved one’s needs. It will help you to schedule, manage and direct care activities for your loved one based on his or specific needs. It is also used to provide direction to our caregivers and to measure your loved one’s progress so care provided can be adjusted as necessary.

Familiar Roads Home Healthcare is the only home care agency working together with your family and this powerful combination of tools to precisely identify the care needed and how it should be provided to improve quality of life and age successfully at home.

Better Outcome:

By starting your care journey with Familiar Roads Home Healthcare and our L.I.F.E Profile assessment, our clients, families and care providers benefit from an effective care plan proven to lower overall safety risk, increase autonomy and improve quality of life.
That’s Familiar Roads Home Care, Only Better.


Make the Right Choice

This highly purposeful and customized care plan ensures the best, most comprehensive and supportive level of care your loved one deserves.

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